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First special survey on project 19614 tankers has been completed

All company’s tankers built in 2011 have successfully passed first special survey

In September 2016, V.F. Tanker Ltd. (part of UCL Holding) finished the implementation of the scheduled range of activities in connection with the presentation for classification survey by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) of the project 19614 tankers for the purpose of confirmation of their class and reliability of performance characteristics after five years in operation (also called special survey).
In order to ensure navigation safety, eight vessels of the project underwent all manda- tory procedures from January till September of the current year in full compliance with the rules of classification and construction of sea-going vessels.

During the activities performed at HELLENIKA Ltd shipyard in the Bulgarian port of Varna, scheduled repairs subject to docking were performed on each vessel under the supervision of RS surveyors. The volume of the carried out works included inspection of tanker hulls with measuring of the residual thickness of the shell and hull frames; complete clean-up and painting of surfaces; maintenance, repair and servicing based on the results of flaw detection in the ship machinery and systems, rudder-propeller unit, main propulsion units, diesel generators; maintenance of cargo and ballast pumps, as well as communication and navigation aids. The package of the additional activities initiated by the company in 2012 and aimed to improve the safety of ships during ice navigation has been almost accomplished as well. Currently, seven of the eight V.F. Tanker’s 19614 project vessels are already equipped with new propellers that have been designed and manufactured based on the ship owner’s requirement specifications and exhibit better performance and technical indicators of resistance to damage during operation in ice.

Upon completion of the repair and refitting works all ships were subjected to the checks, measurements and tests prescribed at the time of the survey, which resulted in the issuance to all project 19614 tankers of the company of new classification certificates for a period of five years.

The average duration of the classification survey procedure made for each vessel 24 days. The total amount invested by V.F. Tanker Ltd. in the implementation of the basic technical and organizational measures amounted to over 200 mln Rubles.


V.F. Tanker forms part of the VBTH shipping division of UCL Holding international transportation group consolidating a variety of Russian shipping, railway, stevedore and logistic companies.

Tankers of project 19614 are designed to carry crude oil and petroleum products of up to 0.99 t/m3 gravity and 60º— flash point, as well as chemical cargoes graded as IMO-II.

As of today, tankers of this project are the biggest Russian river-going vessels that fully comply with all requirements of the International Conventions for the preven-
tion of environmental pollution.

The vessel’s deadweight is 5,530 ton, LOA 141 m, beam 16.9 m, depth 6.1 m, draught 3.73/3.60 m, speed 10 knots minimum, sea endurance 15 days. Navigation area: inland waterways and non-Arctic sea regions according to vessel class.

Class assigned by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping:  ћ * Ice1 R2-RSN AUT3 VCS Oil tanker.

Around 15% of the company’s cargo volume are carried by the 19614 project vessels. The annual volume of V.F. Tanker Ltd.’s cargo carriage operations makes around 4 mln ton.


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V.F. Tanker forms part of VBTH – the shipping division of UCL Holding international transportation group, consolidating a variety of Russian shipping, railway, stevedore and logistic companies.
V.F. Tanker Ltd. specializes in liquid bulk cargo transportation by inland and international waterways. The company operates 80 vessels of the total deadweight of around 400,000 ton.

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