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V.F. Tanker has summarized the results of the 2016 navigation

The total volume of the cargo carried by V.F. Tanker (part of UCL Holding) during the navigation period of the year 2016 – from April till November – has made 2.9 mln ton. Of them 2.5 mln ton (21% growth as compared to the 2015 figure for the same period) were delivered by the inland waterways of the Russian Unified Deep Water System. Around 0.4 mln ton of cargo were transported on international routes, including the Azov Sea, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea regions and the north-eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean.

The key factors that contributed to the growth in the volume of the cargo carried by the company by inland waterways during this year’s navigation were the hydrolo-
gical conditions more favorable for shipping as contrasted with the previous years’ situation and, as a consequence, the reduction in the time required to pass cont-
rolling depth areas.

77% of the shipments were accounted for by exporting of petroleum cargoes from Russian river ports to roads transshipment centers of the southern basin, and 23% were performed in the direction of oil terminals in the north-western basin. As for the cargo range, liquid bitumen, fuel oil, vacuum gas oil (VGO) and diesel fuel made over 70% of the transported volume.

Considering the actual sailing conditions, the company has managed to maximize the volume of shipments due to the optimum utilization of the wide project range of the operated vessels, using both direct transportation, and voyages that included en route transshipment. During the navigation period, 1.8 mln ton of cargo (72% of all shipments) were carried directly between Russian river and sea ports. Of them around 1.4 mln ton were delivered by project RST27 and 19614 tankers, and 380 thou-
sand ton by RST54 and 05074“ vessels. 0.7 mln ton of petroleum products (28% of all shipments) were delivered in en-route transshipment voyages.

A total of 45 tankers and 11 barge towing trains were used by the company for cargo shipment by inland waterways from April till November 2016.


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V.F. Tanker forms part of VBTH – the shipping division of UCL Holding international transportation group, consolidating a variety of Russian shipping, railway, stevedore and logistic companies.
V.F. Tanker Ltd. specializes in liquid bulk cargo transportation by inland and international waterways. The company operates 80 vessels of the total deadweight of around 400,000 ton.

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