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Eimskip retrofits Container Vessel with Liebherr Ship Cranes

 • 2x Liebherr CBW 2800 for Islandic shipping company
 • Retrofit is going to start in September 2017

Rostock (Germany), April 2017 – Liebherr´s ship crane department retrofits a container vessel for the Icelandic shipping company Eimskip with two units of new CBW 2800 ship cranes. Eimskip bought the vessel Sophia from the German shipping company Draxl.

The container vessel was built by the Chinese Mawei Shipyard in 2008. This February the Islandic shipping company Eimskip bought the 129 metre long ship with a capacity of 698 TEU and plugs for 120 reefer containers from its former owner Kapitän Manfred Draxl Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. Shortly afterwards, Eimskip assigned Liebherr maritime cranes to upgrade the vessel with two Liebherr CBW 2800 ship cranes for container handling. The cranes are able to handle cargo with a maximum outreach of 31.5 metres and a maximum capacity of 60 tonnes. The cranes are going to be delivered with an additional rotator for faster and higher moving flexibility while handle reefer containers.

The beginning of the crane retrofit is planned for September 2017 whereby the accomplishing shipyard is not defined yet. After the successful assembly of both cranes the Sophia is going to be renamed and put in service as fast as possible. It will be deployed for the reefer container traffic between the North of Europe and North America.


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