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Gazprom Neft begins production of environmentally friendly oils, using its own technologies

Gazpromneft Lubricants, operator of the Gazprom Neft lubricants business, has begun production of a specialist lubricant-plasticizer, Gazpromneft TDAE, at its Omsk Lubricants Plant, using its own unique patent technology.* The new product, designed to give plasticity and flexibility to rubber, tyres, and fabricated rubber products, meets the latest international environmental requirements.

Gazpromneft TDAE plasticizers have successfully passed EC registration requirements under the REACH Regulation on chemical safety, as well as laboratory testing on the basis of 24 metrics demanded by one of the world’s most important international tyre producers.** In addition to the tyre component, the research cycle was also applied to finished tyres manufactured using Gazpromneft TDAE. Coverings for sports tyres demonstrated full compliance — as tested under bench testing and on a special track — with European standards for finished products.

Investment in the project, including the modernisation of a 17,000-tonnes-per-year plasticizer facility at the Omsk Refinery, stands at more than RUB400 million.

Alexander Trukhan, CEO, Gazpromneft Lubricants, commented: “Gazprom Neft was Russia’s first vertically integrated company to start production of safe and environmentally friendly plasticizers, to European standards. The use of pure raw materials, in combination with the application of advanced technologies, gives these oils excellent performance characteristics and makes them safe for human health. This is a 100-percent domestic product, produced in Russia, from Russian components, under Russian technologies.”

* A TDAE (treated, distillate, aromatic, extracted) lubricant is a kind of modern environmentally friendly plasticizer (a “green process oil”), characterised by a high degree of purification.

** The Restriction, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a European Regulation governing chemical materials and substances. The key objective of the REACH Regulation is to ensure a high level of health and environmental protection throughout all EC countries, by setting high safety standards in production. Pursuant to Directive No. 20005/69/EEC, effective from 1 January 2010, standards are now in place for minimising substances hazardous to human health in petroleum-based lubricants used in tyre production.


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Alexander Korobchenko, Corporate Communications Specialist
Directions of marine oils
Gazpromneft- Lubricants, Ltd., Branch in St. Petersburg
lit. ј, office 212, 3rd line of the VO, house 62, 199178, St. Petersburg, Russia
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Gazpromneft Lubricants Ltd (“Gazpromneft Lubricants”) is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, specialising in the production and sale of oils, lubricants and service fluids. Established in November 2007, Gazpromneft Lubricants has six production facilities throughout Russia, Italy and Serbia. Total production volumes stand at over 500,000 tonnes of premium oils, lubricants and service fluids per year. The Omsk Lubricants Plant includes Russia’s most cutting-edge facility for the mixing, dispensing and packaging of motor oils, with a total annual capacity for blending and packaging of 300,000 tonnes per year. Management policies at Gazpromneft Lubricants and its production assets are fully compliant with international ISO standards, including ISO 9001, ISO / ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and OHSAS18001.

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