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Danish shipyard orders large equipment package from Rolls-Royce

The Danish yard Karstensens Skibsværft is set build and design two new vessels for trawl and purse seine fishing ordered by two Icelandic ship-owning companies. Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine has been selected to deliver an extensive package of ship equipment to both ships.

The two fishing vessels of 88 metres will be outfitted with engines, propulsion, steering gear, rudders and winches together with connected control systems from Rolls-Royce. The equipment will be delivered from four of the company’s eight production facilities in the Nordic countries, three in Norway and one in Sweden.

One of the ships is to be named Vilhelm Þorsteinsson and has been ordered by the ship-owning company Samherji, while the other vessel is to be named Börkur and will be built for Sildarvinnslan.
Rolls-Royce has cooperated with Icelandic companies for several years on developing large fishing vessels.

Asbjørn Skaro, Director Systems & Deck Machinery – Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine, said: “We are proud to be selected once again as a key supplier to the advanced Icelandic fishing industry. The Danish Karstensen yard is an experienced builder of this kind of tonnage, and the two trawlers will be equipped with advanced and energy efficient systems developed for operations in a harsh environment.”

Vilhelm Þorsteinsson is scheduled for delivery from the yard in June 2020, while delivery of Börkur is planned for December 2020. The list of Rolls-Royce equipment specified for the two identical vessels comprise:

2 diesel engines of type Bergen B33:45 with six cylinders
1 Promas propulsion and manoeuvring system, and gear
1 steering gear
3 Tunnel Thrusters
1 Helicon X3 control system
Low-pressure hydraulic winches and control systems. In total 17 winches are to be delivered to each vessel, adapted to trawl and purse seine fishing.


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