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ClassNK releases “Handling of the use of biofuels on ships” -Supporting the safe and proper use of biofuels-

ClassNK is committed to providing comprehensive services to support the industry’s efforts for the transition to zero-emission of shipping business.

In support on measures for GHG emissions reduction, ClassNK has released “Handling of the use of biofuels on ships”, which outlines the procedures and cautions to be taken when using biofuels for ships.

Biofuels are renewable fuels produced from biological organisms (biomass) in which the primary raw materials used are vegetable oils. Biofuels do not emit SOx during combustion, and they are generally considered “carbon neutral” because source plants at their growing process are likely to absorb CO2 emitted from combustion. In addition, depending on the type of fuel, it can be used as a marine fuel without modifying the specifications of existing diesel engines (drop-in fuel).

The use of biofuels is emerging as an environmentally friendly fuel available at present. To support the safe and proper use of biofuels on board, ClassNK has published "Handling the use of biofuels on ships" on its website. Considering the actual use of biofuels, it outlines the characteristics of biofuels, the procedures required for their trial and permanent use, and the cautions and measures to be taken in their handling.


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