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LINK was established in Poland in 1993, as an maritime publishing house and internet-oriented specialist in scope of Polish maritime industry. We aim at introducing an information system that will facilitate contact between Polish and foreign maritime companies. Maritime Publications can help you to sell your products and services or to find partners and suppliers. LINK has direct access to the people and companies involved in the maritime business and always keep up as your long-term partner. Since September 1995, our publishing house has been member of the European Association of Directory Publishers (EADP), with full rights, based in Brussels. At present, only four publishers in Poland are proud members of EADP. However, LINK is the only one among them with Polish only capital. The membership in EADP brings immeasurable benefits as we have joined an all-European distribution network of catalogue publications.

We are confident that LINK publications will become an even greater integral part of the Polish economy and are working hard to continually increase the breadth and quality of each new edition.

In 2007 with our partners from Russia Print Expo we created joint venture

Our main projects:


Ul. Szymonowica 20, 71-482 Szczecin, POLAND

Tel./Fax: (48-91) 46-23-414

Transtech Company

Transtech Company was founded in St.Petersburg at the end of the last century in 1999 by a group of professional translators. During the period of its activity the company managed to revive the best translation traditions in the North West of the Russian Federation. The Company specializes in the translation of technical documents for industrial companies, research and project institutions from/ into more than 50 foreign languages.

We have gained large experience in translating technical documents in the following areas:

  • Ship-building
  • Machine-building
  • Metallurgy
  • Aviation
  • Nuclear energy
  • Oil and gas complex
  • Telecommunications
Transtech Company

Transtech Company
Tel/fax: +7 (812) 703-41-96
Our address: pl. Konstitutsii, 1, build.2,
196247, St.Petersburg, Russia.

Lubavich Printing House

Lubavich Printing House has been present on St. Petersburg polygraphic market for 30 years. We are specializing in advertising products, including booklets, leaflets, posters, brochures and catalogues. Our modern equipment, wide experience and technological sophistication will ensure great quality of your advertising materials produced in shortest terms.

Our official site is

Lubavich Printing House

+7 (812) 603-25-25


Please contact us if you require further information about press release and advertising publishing on our web site.
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